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MAGNESIUM B-COMPLEX 100 + 20 TBL FREE (Christmas pack)

The nutritional supplement contains: - Magnesium, which contributes: to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion, to normal…
20,39 €

Priessnitz Joint Care, Collagens + Boswéllia 90 + 30 tbl. free

The nutritional supplement contains collagens (collagen type I, II and native collagen type II), an extract from Boswellia (Boswellia…
28,79 €

Klorane Bebe gentle foaming gel for body and hair 2x500ml

Gentle foaming gel for body and hair designed for safe washing of delicate skin and hair of babies and children, 2x500ml
41,19 €

Martians Imuno MIX 90TBL

Nutritional supplement with sweeteners. Martians are a complex of vitamins and minerals for children, in the form of suction tablets -…
26,79 €

Bioderma Sensibio H2O 2x500ml

Cleansing micellar make-up remover respecting sensitive skin, 2x500ml
48,49 €
Nutritional supplement with vitamin C 500 mg in 1 tablet. No sugar, no gluten.
3,19 €
Flavored herbal tea, with punch flavor, portioned in infusion bags. Ingredients: Sea buckthorn buckthorn fruit…
5,49 €
Flavored herbal tea, portioned in infusion bags. Composition: Hibiscus barrel. flower, rosehip, sea buckthorn…
5,49 €
The collection contains 6 types of children's teas with 5 sachets, namely: LEROS CHILDREN'S TEA MALINKA, LEROS CHILDREN'S TEA MALINKA,…
od6,00 €
Fruit and herbal loose tea, flavored. Ingredients: hibiscus flower, rosehip fruit, apple pulp, coconut...
od6,23 €
Advent calendar contains 6 types of fruit-herbal teas and 6 types of herbal teas, 2 bags each. Herbal teas: …
od8,44 €
Nutritional supplement containing selenium. Selenium contributes to: the normal function of the immune system maintaining a normal state…
12,39 €
The gift pack contains teas: Leros Herbal Christmas, Leros Tea Moment Sea Buckthorn & Orange, Leros Morning...
od9,79 €
The gift box contains 9 types of tea in 5 infusion bags each: Leros Smooth Background, Leros Preheating...
od10,00 €
Nutritional supplement, multivitamin with minerals in which vitamins and trace elements come from organic sources.
16,19 €
14,89 €
The cassette contains a selection of fruit and herbal teas, 6 types of 10 bags. Pomegranate & Acai Raspberry & Sea Buckthorn
od10,92 €
The manual toothbrush is intended for mechanical cleaning of teeth during daily dental hygiene. Extremely soft and sensitive…
15,69 €
Multivitamin nutritional supplement in the form of gelatin containing sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn, a mixture of fruit concentrates and...
od12,76 €
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