Acne prone skin

Recommended products

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Cleansing Gel 400ml

Foaming cleansing gel, 400ml
32,19 €

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + gel cream against skin imperfections 40ml

Removes skin imperfections, cleans clogged pores, fights traces of acne, 40ml
32,19 €

Esthederm Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser 75ml

Deep cleansing cream for perfect cleanliness, healthy and radiant skin, 75ml
58,40 €

La Roche-Posay Effaclar K (+) 40ml

Renovated antioxidant cream against skin imperfections and self-formation, 40ml
32,19 €

Esthederm Hydra Replenishing Fresh Lotion 200ml

Moisturizing cleansing tonic, 200ml
40,00 €

Avene Cleanance ComedoMED 30ml

Concentrated care for skin imperfections, 30ml
34,39 €
Medicinal soap: intended for oily skin and skin prone to acne antiseptic, keratolytic and antiseboroidal…
3,69 €
Cleansing micellar water for oily and sensitive skin, 100ml
9,19 €
Preparation for non-contact application of chlorophyll intended for the care of dermatologically problematic skin. …
10,39 €
Avene Thermal Water Spray is a daily care for sensitive to hypersensitive, allergic and irritated skin, 50ml
10,59 €
The powder is suitable for problematic skin prone to acne. contains sulfur and zinc, has beneficial effects on regeneration…
12,39 €
Cleansing wash cube for oily or combination skin, 100g
14,79 €
Avene Thermal Water Spray is a daily care for sensitive to hypersensitive, allergic and irritated skin, 150ml
18,29 €
Cannaderm Acnea Treatment Serum contains up to 56% hemp oil and natural substances such as arnica, thyme, sage and mint.
18,59 €
Nourishing cream - from hemp oil and extract, with myrrh, alum, motherwort and tea tree. For everyday…
20,39 €
Micellar cleansing and make-up water for combination or oily skin, 250ml
21,49 €
Covering concealer for problematic skin, 2,5 g
22,59 €
It heals the skin and eliminates excessive sebum production.
25,49 €
Cleansing exfoliating care eliminating rashes and blackheads, 100ml
25,59 €
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