Special offer for doctors.

We have prepared a special offer for doctors. They can get free access to an application after purchasing antigen tests.

Our aim is to provide maximum comfort and make the work of doctors simpler. Therefore we have prepared a web application that will enable you to issue certificates confirming antigen test results. Thanks to this application you will be able to have correct information on patients that have been tested. At the same time you will be able to provide patients with confirmation of their results. And all test results of your patients will be kept in the same place.

The application is user-friendly and the procedure is very simple – just click on the button Sign in and you insert the login that is to be found in the e-mail that will be send to you after purchasing the tests from our e-shop. You then click on the button “Create a confirmation about the antigen test result” and fill in all the important patient data. After saving, a PDF file will be created that can be printed, signed and stamped.

In our application you can also find information about the number of tests purchased and certificates issued. In case you will need to get more tests, you can simply purchase them aby pressing a button “Buy tests”.

Only users registered as doctors can purchase antigen tests for this special price and use our application. Only users registered as doctors can purchase antigen tests for this special price and use our application.After purchasing tests, you will get access to our application which will allow you to provide your patients with a certificate confirming the antigen test result.




* Note that confirmation of the antigen test result does not replace area-wide testing.


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