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Alcohol solution: removes pain in joint and muscle rheumatism, in colds, removes…
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Alcohol solution: removes pain in joint and muscle rheumatism, in colds, removes…
4,49 €
Home preparation composed of natural ingredients and medicinal white oil.
7,59 €
The Christmas cartridge contains products for the care of sensitive and dry skin of the hands. Eucerin pH5 Hand Wash Emulsion
od15,11 €
Replacement inhalation mask for adults for the Microlife inhaler. For comfortable airway treatment. Inhalation mask for…
Electric heating pad for back and neck, measuring 40 x 56 cm. It has 3 temperature settings up to…
Tens stimulator - a device for muscle massage and pain relief without drugs. Type: HV-F021 3 pacing modes (tap,…
Infrared heat lamp, medical device. 100W, used Infrared lamp Philips IR95 100W E27. Adjustable surface…
Electric heating pad characterized by fast and even calorific value over the entire surface. It has 3 levels…
- heating slippers are intended for home use - suitable for thermotherapy, relaxation and relief of leg pain
Robust compressor piston inhaler for targeted treatment of 3 airway levels suitable for inhalation of mineral…
Zablacka salt solution is medicinal water with a high concentration of iodine and other micro and macro elements. Heals sinuses, throat...
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