Everything you need in relation to COVID-19: antigen tests, respirators a drape, thermometers (contact and contactless),  oximeter, disinfection, vitamins a nutritional supplements to support immunity (zinc, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin D, sea buckthorn, echinacea, darts, oyster mushroom ...), disposable gloves (vinyl, nitrile, latex gloves) ...

Recommended products

Immunoglucan P4H

Nutritional supplement for long-term use. Contains Imunoglukan® in a suitable combination with vitamin C, which contributes to…
29,79 €

Zincorot® 25mg, 50 tablets

It is used as an alternative source of zinc supplementation in the treatment of zinc deficiency in cases where a normal diet does not…
20,79 €

DeVit 2000

Nutritional supplement and vitamin D content. 1 capsule contains 50 μg of vitamin D3.
15,59 €
Protective shape respirator FFP2 without exhalation valve, color black, universal size.
od1,03 €
Nutritional supplement with vitamin C 500 mg in 1 tablet. No sugar, no gluten.
3,19 €
Nutritional supplement containing vitamin C, orange-flavored suction tablets.
4,19 €
Herbal tea portioned in infusion bags. More at
4,19 €
Gentle liquid washing emulsion with antibacterial additives for daily washing and hand care. Dermatologically…
4,49 €
Fruit-herbal tea flavored for everyday use. More at
4,69 €
The medicine contains 100 mg of vitamin C (vitamin C is ascorbic acid) in one compressed lozenge. Served for adults and…
4,99 €
Herbal tea contains 50% Sea buckthorn Ingredients: sea buckthorn fruit organic (40%), sea buckthorn leaf organic (10%), rose hips organic,…
4,99 €
Effervescent tablets containing vitamin C 1000mg with lemon flavor. Vitamin C: contributes to the proper functioning of…
5,19 €
Tea in infusion bags. Contains Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) and Purple echinacea (Echinacea…
5,19 €
Vitamin C in the form of tablets with sweeteners and orange flavor. Vitamin C maintains normal immune function…
5,49 €
The nutritional supplement, vitamin C and acerola, with a cherry flavor, is used to prepare a drink. Vitamin C: contributes to…
5,49 €
A mixture of herbs containing sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn (Hippophae Sea buckthorn rhamnoides) is a means of strengthening…
5,49 €
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