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Elmex Jelly 25 g

Prevention: Prevention of dental caries, especially in children and adolescents, as well as in patients with dental appliances, other…
15,89 €


CURAPROX SENSITIVE CS 3960 supersoft Innovative toothbrush for cleaning teeth without trauma. Super soft but durable…
23,59 €


Toothbrush designed for dental care. For gentle brushing of teeth. Information on dental hygiene:…
23,59 €

CURAPROX CS 5460 ultrasoft

Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush manual toothbrush is designed for mechanical cleaning of teeth in everyday dental…
8,69 €


Single-bundle toothbrush CS 1006, fiber length 6 mm. Used to clean and remove dental plaque…
9,49 €

PARODONTAX Extra mouthwash 0,2%

Mouthwash: intended for mouthwashes for intensive short-term treatment of acute conditions and for single…
17,19 €
Toothpaste-tooth cream concentrate. More at
5,59 €
CURAPROX ATA toothbrush Designed for routine tooth cleaning. Regular dental care helps prevent vzniku
6,59 €
Educational toothbrush with soft rounded fibers for children from 0-3 years. It is used for the hygiene of the child's oral cavity.
6,59 €
medicinal toothpaste for protection against periodontitis the active substance is aluminum lactate, which has a significant…
6,89 €
- toothbrush is designed for effective cleaning of deciduous teeth - suitable as a prevention of tooth decay - designed for children from 3…
6,89 €
 Tongue scraper for cleaning the tongue. Information on oral hygiene:  
7,09 €
Toothpaste for sensitive teeth for normal hygiene: strengthens tooth enamel and increases its resistance creates…
7,19 €
Toothpaste for normal hygiene: strengthens tooth enamel and increases its resistance creates a protective layer on…
7,19 €
ELGYDIUM PERFORMANCE toothbrush Has a long thin neck and a tapered olive-shaped head that gets better and cleans…
7,29 €
LACALUT SENSITIVE special medical toothpaste for sensitive teeth and exposed tooth cramps fluoride complex,…
7,39 €
Tongue scraper for cleaning the tongue. Information on oral hygiene: More at
7,39 €
toothpaste with a polishing and whitening effect is intended for gentle removal of tooth enamel staining caused by…
7,59 €
Toothpaste with amine fluoride to protect against tooth decay. Contains amine fluoride, which is rapidly incorporated into the dental…
7,59 €
Amine fluoride toothpaste protects tooth necks from caries and reduces their sensitivity. Amine fluoride forms on exposed and…
7,59 €
The Extra soft toothbrush helps to remove plaque and prevents gum problems (when cleaned twice a day).  
7,59 €
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