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Elmex Jelly 25 g

Prevention: Prevention of dental caries, especially in children and adolescents, as well as in patients with dental appliances, other…
14,59 €


CURAPROX SENSITIVE CS 3960 supersoft Innovative toothbrush for cleaning teeth without trauma. Super soft but durable…
22,29 €


Toothbrush designed for dental care. For gentle brushing of teeth. Information on dental hygiene:…
22,29 €


Toothpaste with a tightening effect against bleeding gums and periodontitis.
7,09 €

CURAPROX CS 5460 ultrasoft

Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush manual toothbrush is designed for mechanical cleaning of teeth in everyday dental…
7,69 €


The SMART brush is the successor of Sensitive Young - as a successor to CURAKID brushes. It has a small header and 7600 threads. Thanks…
7,69 €
Children's toothbrush with special soft rounded X - fibers. The toothbrush is designed for cleaning children's teeth,…
2,93 €
2,39 €
The manual toothbrush is designed for mechanical cleaning of teeth during daily dental hygiene, it is extremely soft and…
od4,74 €
Dental floss: when inserted into the interdental spaces, it increases its volume, the better it cleans the interdental spaces.
6,39 €
Toothpaste for sensitive teeth for normal hygiene: strengthens tooth enamel and increases its resistance creates…
6,59 €
Mouthwash suitable for use for sensitive gums. Extracts of chamomile and propolis and the salt of enoxolone will ease and reduce…
od4,65 €
Toothpaste: used for gingivitis and periodontitis, stops bleeding gums, suppresses growth…
6,89 €
Toothpaste with a combination of aluminum lactate, beta-glucan, essential oils (sage, star anise) and…
6,89 €
Toothpaste with a tightening effect against bleeding gums and periodontitis.
7,09 €
medicinal toothpaste for protection against periodontitis the active substance is aluminum lactate, which has a significant…
7,09 €
Children's toothbrush "super soft" - a brush suitable for the first teeth. For gentle and playful teeth cleaning. Oral Information…
7,09 €
Toothpaste: regenerates irritated gums prevents the formation and deposition of dental plaque protects the gums
7,09 €
Interdental brush designed for simple and effective cleaning of interdental and hard-to-reach areas. In a package of 6 pieces…
od5,03 €
ELGYDIUM PERFORMANCE toothbrush Has a long thin neck and a tapered olive-shaped head that gets better and cleans…
7,29 €
Interdental brushes for cleaning the interdental spaces for thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas between the teeth…
7,59 €
toothpaste with a polishing and whitening effect is intended for gentle removal of tooth enamel staining caused by…
7,59 €
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