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LactoFeel vaginal gel

LactoFeel with lactic acid and glycogen to help treat and prevent bacterial vaginosis…
26,29 $

VITAGYN C vaginal cream with sour PH

- restores the acidic vaginal pH, which is between 3,8 and 4,4, suppresses the growth of microorganisms responsible for…
27,89 $

Rosalgin easy 5 x 140 ml

It is in the form of a vaginal solution intended for vaginal lavage in the case of female genital inflammation and for a
25,49 $


The medicine is in the form of granules, which are designed to prepare a vaginal solution. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory…
18,59 $

Canesten IntimGel

Gel for special intimate hygiene: designed for hygiene and skin protection in intimate areas for a pleasant feeling…
10,09 $


IALUNA® suppositories contain sodium hyaluronate, which helps hydrate the vaginal mucosa, thanks to its ability to retain…
15,89 $
Non-sterile hydrophilic gauze compress with folded edges (17 fibers, 8 layers); Absorbent, breathable, soft compresses…
1,89 $
Hypoallergenic split wound patches made of water and dirt resistant foil. Body-colored patches are provided with…
3,89 $
Zetuvit gauze compressor is intended for traditional wound care and its main function is to drain exudate from the wound. Inside…
od3,11 $
Children's hypoallergenic divided patches with cheerful motifs made of water-resistant and dirt-repellent foil. In the package…
4,29 $
Children's patches with various animal motifs. Painlessly removable and gentle on children's skin. The colors used are for…
5,29 $
Patches with a children's motif, in a package of 20 pieces with various pictures. Soft and gentle patches with a cheerful design treat…
6,39 $
Hemorrhoid cream: has a tightening and anti-inflammatory effect.
7,19 $
Children's children's toothbrush for children aged 0-4 years + toothpaste with fruity strawberry flavor. Tooth brush: •…
od5,45 $
The medicine contains paracetamol, which is a medicine for pain (analgesic) and to reduce fever (antipyretic). Is determined…
od7,30 $
Repellent, a product designed to repel mosquitoes, ticks, bugs and similar insects.
od7,13 $
Gel for special intimate hygiene: designed for hygiene and skin protection in intimate areas for a pleasant feeling…
10,09 $
Highly effective product with repellent effects on the skin as well as clothing and footwear.
10,09 $
Washing gel designed for daily intimate hygiene on sensitive skin. Gently washes, soothes and helps hydrate…
10,39 $
Cosmetic product containing active substances such as bacterial lysate, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, allantoin,…
10,59 $
Cosmetic product for intimate hygiene is an effective, refreshing and gentle detergent with optimal pH, developed…
11,59 $
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