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MAGNESIUM B-COMPLEX 100 + 20 TBL FREE (Christmas pack)

The nutritional supplement contains: - Magnesium, which contributes: to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion, to normal…
19,89 €

Priessnitz Joint Care, Collagens + Boswéllia 90 + 30 tbl. free

The nutritional supplement contains collagens (collagen type I, II and native collagen type II), an extract from Boswellia (Boswellia…
28,19 €

TEREZIA OYSTER MUSHROOM + lactobacilli ACTION 60 + 60 cps.

TEREZIA 100 OSTRISE HEAD + lactobacilli + vitamin C with high-fiber rose hips contains a complex…
36,99 €

Ocutein Brillant - DA VINCI 90 + 30 tob. + Gift

Ocutein® BRILLANT Lutein 25 mg contains lutein, zinc, vitamin A, copper and selenium. The product contains natural lecithin…
74,79 €

Vichy Homme Deo roll-on men 72h DUO 2x50ml

Roll-on deodorant for extreme control, 72h, 2x50ml
40,19 €
Nutritional supplement with vitamin C 500 mg in 1 tablet. No sugar, no gluten.
3,19 €
Fruit-herbal tea flavored in infusion bags.
od2,76 €
Flavored herbal tea, with punch flavor, portioned in infusion bags. Ingredients: Sea buckthorn buckthorn fruit…
5,19 €
Fruit tea flavored in infusion bags, intended for refilling liquids and for refreshment. More at
5,49 €
Nutritional supplement containing zinc. Zinc: contributes to maintaining healthy hair, nails, skin and bones, contributes to…
11,39 €
Nutritional supplement containing selenium. Selenium contributes to: the normal function of the immune system maintaining a normal state…
12,79 €
Balm for cracked and irritated, dry lips. Natural, containing Rhealba® oat extract. Infants, children and adults. …
od10,40 €
Nutritional supplement, multivitamin with minerals in which vitamins and trace elements come from organic sources.
16,19 €
14,89 €
Travel pack in the Klorane bag for dry hair nutrition contains: shampoo 100 ml balm 50 ml shower gel 75 ml…
od11,08 €
The manual toothbrush is intended for mechanical cleaning of teeth during daily dental hygiene. Extremely soft and sensitive…
15,89 €
The set of loose herbal teas contains: LEROS Strengthened immunity, 1x50 g, LEROS Easy breathing 1x50 g. Composition: LEROS…
od11,29 €
Dietary supplement. Standardized Echinacea extract, vitamins C, D and zinc. Vitamins C, D and zinc contribute to…
od13,37 €
The nutritional supplement contains: - Magnesium, which contributes: to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion, to normal…
19,89 €
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