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Wide range of products for your health: allergy medicines, painkillers (sore throat, headache ...), flu and cold products (rhinitis, cold, fever), homeopathic medicine (homeopathy), psychiatric drugs, medicines for the eyes, ears, nose and mouth (eg eye drops), medicines for the heart and blood vessels, digestion and metabolism.

Recommended products

magnerot® 100 tbl

The medicine contains the mineral element magnesium. It is used: in musculoskeletal disorders caused by…
27,59 €

Milgamma® N 100 cps

Inflammatory and painful nerve diseases (eg inflammatory diseases of the peripheral nerves and roots, nerve damage such as…
49,79 €

Nicorette® Spray 1 mg / dose, oral aerodispersion, solution

It belongs to a group of medicines used to quit smoking and is designed to treat nicotine addiction.
62,39 €


Acylpyrin with acetylsalicylic acid is effective in relieving pain and effectively lowering the temperature, in higher doses…
3,59 €

Zincorot® 25mg, 50 tablets

It is used as an alternative source of zinc supplementation in the treatment of zinc deficiency in cases where a normal diet does not…
18,39 €

OLYNTH® 0,1% nasal solution aerodispersion

The active substance in the medicine is xylometazoline, which causes blood vessels to contract at the site of action, reducing the swelling of the mucous membranes and a
7,89 €
Paracetamol, the medicine in Paralen, works to relieve pain and reduce fever. Liek Paralen…
1,99 €
Easy-to-apply swelling cream that has an astringent, coolant, mild antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and relieves…
1,99 €
Alcohol solution: removes pain in joint and muscle rheumatism, in colds, removes…
1,99 €
It belongs to a group of medicines for pain and fever called analgesics and antipyretics. It is used to treat mild…
od1,61 €
In addition to the classic mixture of ALPA essential oils, the emulsion also contains arnica and marigold extracts. hydrates and…
2,29 €
The ointment is used to treat eczema, psoriasis, some forms of acne, erysipelas (rose), erysipelas (rubella) and when…
2,39 €
Anopyrin is an antithrombotic to the group of platelet aggregation inhibitors (medicines that reduce the
2,39 €
Tea for women to alleviate climacteric problems. Used for mild neurovegetative climacteric disorders…
2,39 €
Alcoholic solution containing natural menthol and needle extract. is suitable for inhalation, supports massage during massages…
2,39 €
Massage cream. The fine emulsion base contains the same natural essential oils as in the French spirit, in addition…
2,39 €
Alcohol solution with horse chestnut extract: has a beneficial effect on the blood supply to the skin (with cold feet),…
2,39 €
Alcoholic herbal solution containing kostihoja extract (contains mainly mucilaginous substances, allantoin, tannins and alkaloids):…
2,39 €
Alcoholic herbal solution containing hemp extract (Cannabis sativa), which has multifaceted effects: acts…
2,39 €
It is used to relieve pain and reduce fever (analgesic and antipyretic). The medicine contains two medicines,…
2,39 €
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