The best cure for colds?

You probably already know that there is no cure for colds. However, you may not know that symptoms such as headache, stuffy nose, or cough are caused by the body's response to the virus, not the virus itself.

How to weaken immunity?

During sharp weather fluctuations, the body is significantly weakened. We feel tired, we have problems with immunity, we are in danger of respiratory diseases. Children and the elderly have a weakened immunity. What to do to strengthen immunity?

Fatigue as a warning signal

Colds and flu are contagious respiratory diseases of viral origin. To prevent the disease from spreading, follow these tips.

How to quit smoking

Do resolutions or ruthless images with consequences on cigarette boxes not help?

Defeat the cold

Rhinitis is an infection of the nasal mucosa. It is not dangerous and recedes after 5-6 days. To prevent colds, do not sleep in cold rooms and control the air in the room.

How immunity works in your children

During the first year of life, your baby encounters a variety of viruses and bacteria. Don't worry, she's not completely helpless at the smallest age. How does his immunity work?

A sore throat

Sore throats are the most common manifestations of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, pharynx, larynx, climatic arches and tonsils. We feel an unpleasant burning and scratching in the affected areas.

What causes heartburn?

Heartburn is very common, in most cases it is caused by the return of acidic gastric juice due to excessive release of the lower esophageal sphincter ...

Can you tell a dry cough from a wet cough?

Cough is a defensive reflex by which the body also seeks to prevent the intrusion or remove foreign substances already present from the airways. The cause of cough is in most cases a disease such as inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract, in children most often of viral origin.

How to get rid of lice?

Intruders in the hair are becoming more resilient. Getting rid of baby lice that has moved into the hair of the whole family may not be easy at all. Especially if the child repeatedly carries it home from the collective.

Causes and symptoms of heartburn

Heartburn or gastric acid reflux is a common condition that afflicts many people. It occurs when the acid in the stomach escapes back into the esophagus. Because the esophagus is not as well protected as the stomach, stomach acid can irritate the mucous membranes.

Toddler nutrition is different from adult nutrition

In toddler age, a child's diet is getting closer to that of adults. But keep in mind that the toddler is not a small adult. We give children food that they have to bite, but not more vegetables or fruits at once, so that their teeth can handle it. So what should a toddler's diet be like?

Allergic rhinitis

Rhinitis is divided into infectious, rhinitis of non-allergic origin and allergic rhinitis. The cause of allergic rhinitis (allergic rhinitis) is hypersensitivity to some of the allergens. Its symptoms are caused by contact of the allergen with the mucous membranes of the nose, conjunctiva or nasopharynx, followed by the development of…

You can pay with meal tickets with us!

In 2019, we launched the option of buying meal tickets for all our customers!

When does the head hurt?

Weather-dependent pain is most often felt in the head, while the neck muscles hurt along with the head. Pain in visual disturbances is localized as if in the eye itself and begins to be felt in the middle of the day and worsens in the evening with increasing exertion.

Do not neglect foot care

We will spend a few hours on them. They travel several kilometers a day. They are just as important to us as other parts of the body, but we do not pay such attention to them. If we pamper our hands with creams every day, we forget about our feet. Up to 50% of the population has various manifestations of dry skin. Rough, rough surface or…

Why consume fish oil?

Fish oil is one of the nutritional supplements that should not be missing in the diet of an athlete, but also of an ordinary person. It participates in building muscle mass, supports sports performance, reduces the risk of injury and in general, is the prevention of many diseases.

Nausea when traveling

Do you also feel bad during long journeys in the car? People have been sick of travel for thousands of years, but motion sickness - as it is professionally called - can be prevented. Just follow a few rules or know what's working at the moment.

Sore throat - causes and manifestations

Sore throat is most often caused by a cold and is caused by viruses or bacteria that enter the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, where they trigger inflammation. Sore throat can also be accompanied by other diseases, such as e.g. tonsillitis (tonsillitis) or laryngitis (laryngitis).

Clean your nose, you will be healthier

According to his supporters, daily rinsing of the nose with saline solution fulfills several functions. Certainly, the most important are the prevention of viral and infectious diseases and the release of a stuffy nose, as well as problematic benefit cavities.

How do sore throats arise?

Our body is constantly exposed to the risk of infection by bacteria and viruses, which are the cause of colds or flu infections. They are transmitted by the air we breathe. Bacteria and viruses first hit the defensive cells in the lining of the throat and nasopharynx to neutralize them.

Treatment of diarrhea

If the diarrhea is not too severe, it is possible to treat the diarrhea by self-medication with a diarrhea medicine, which is commonly available without a prescription in pharmacies. Alternatively, a telephone consultation with a doctor will suffice.

The best cure for colds?

You probably already know that there is no cure for colds. However, you may not know that symptoms such as headache, stuffy nose, or cough are caused by the body's response to the virus, not the virus itself.

How not to light it again?

Smoking is usually associated with a place, habit or people. These situations then automatically force us to ignite. It is therefore appropriate to try to avoid these situations or, even better, to eliminate them altogether.

Abdominal pain and cramps

Did you know that abdominal pain is a very common symptom and almost everyone experiences it? Abdominal pain is a special type of pain, different from headaches and requiring a special type of treatment.

What is your cough?

The period of flu, colds and other viruses is in full swing, and in addition to rhinitis, their unpleasant symptoms include coughing. That's why we usually go to the pharmacy and ask for something "guaranteed" for coughing.

Opening hours during the holidays

The opening hours of our Schneider pharmacies will change during the holidays. See how your Schneider pharmacy will open.

How to Survive Christmas in Health

Christmas is a holiday of love, joy, understanding and human closeness. At the same time, however, it is a period that brings hustle, stress and tension.

Tips for a healthy Christmas bite

No time is as "caloric" as the one that has been knocking on the door for some time. Christmas parties, Christmas markets, Christmas holidays ...

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