How to weaken immunity?

How to weaken immunity?

During sharp weather fluctuations, the body is significantly weakened. We feel tired, we have problems with immunity, we are in danger of respiratory diseases. Children and the elderly have a weakened immunity. What to do to strengthen immunity?

We should adjust the nutrition, be adequately physically active, reduce stressful situations and strengthen the body in a suitable way. Especially in situations where we have reduced immunity, vitamins, probiotics and enzymes have an irreplaceable place. Probiotics significantly affect the intestinal microflora. Vitamins, which our body does not produce itself, and therefore we must pay attention to their regular supply, become an important component of enzymes in our body. Some enzymes in our body modulate and control the proper functioning of immunity. I can start her, increase her defenses and at the right moment I can dampen her activity. If our immunity is weakened, we support the activity of enzymes that control immune processes in the body by supplying similar enzymes from the outside.

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