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Baby powder: protects the skin, has a mild disinfecting effect. More at
2,59 €


The paste is suitable for the treatment of abrasions and minor skin injuries, mild burns and radiodermatitis (skin diseases after…
7,39 €

Ginseng Royall Jelly - Amazonas

A drink made from ginseng root and royal jelly distributed in ampoules is a very rare treasure. Ginseng is…
11,69 €

Dorithricin, 20 hard lozenges

Dorithricin are hard lozenges that contain three drugs: tyrotricin, benzalkonium chloride and benzocaine. Thyrotricin is…
17,29 €

Canesten crm der 1x20 g

Clotrimazole is an antifungal medicine that acts against many pathogenic fungal micro-organisms, including…
15,59 €

Fungicidine Drugs

The drug nystatin suppresses and stops the growth of yeast and some other lower fungi. It is not absorbed from the skin surface and…
4,09 €
Gift set - promotion includes: Eucerin® HYALURON-FILLER + 3x EFFECT DAY CREAM SPF 30 Daily moisturizing...
od0,10 €
Baby powder containing olive tree extract.
1,99 €
Alcohol solution: removes pain in joint and muscle rheumatism, in colds, removes…
2,59 €
Baby powder: protects the skin, has a mild disinfecting effect. More at
2,59 €
- cosmetic tampons with microfiber are designed for particularly thorough and gentle cleansing of the skin - suitable for everyday…
od1,83 €
Children's backfill designed to protect children's skin. More at
2,89 €
Alcoholic solution containing natural menthol and needle extract. is suitable for inhalation, supports massage during massages…
3,09 €
Massage cream. The fine emulsion base contains the same natural essential oils as in the French spirit, in addition…
3,09 €
Alcohol solution with horse chestnut extract: has a beneficial effect on the blood supply to the skin (with cold feet),…
3,09 €
Cosmetic moisturizing tampons cotton swabs intended for gentle cleansing of the skin containing Aloe vera with a neutral pH and…
3,09 €
Luna birch hair lotion: Reduces the formation of dandruff and excessive hair ointment It has a positive effect on the scalp More…
3,19 €
Alcoholic herbal solution containing kostihoja extract (contains mainly mucilaginous substances, allantoin, tannins and alkaloids):…
3,39 €
Alcoholic herbal solution containing hemp extract (Cannabis sativa), which has multifaceted effects: acts…
3,39 €
Baby powder: protects the skin, has a mild disinfecting effect.
3,69 €
Description and purpose Indulona hand creams have a unique composition that provides your skin with all-round care.
3,69 €
Ointment with a high content of essential substances, designed to release tension caused by stress and fatigue. It is intended for…
3,69 €
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