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Vichy dercos anti-dandruff shampoo for normal to oily hair 200ml

Anti-dandruff shampoo for normal to oily hair, 200ml
30,89 €

Klorane Bebe gentle foaming gel for body and hair 2x500ml

Gentle foaming gel for body and hair designed for safe washing of delicate skin and hair of babies and children, 2x500ml
36,69 €

Bioderma Hydrabio Creme 50ml + Lipstick 4g + Hand & Nail Cream 50ml

Convenient packaging for nourishing and moisturizing care for dry facial skin, lips and hand skin.
45,59 €

Vichy Deo roll-on stress resist 72h DUO 2x50ml

Roll-on against excessive sweating, even in stressful situations, 72h, 2x50ml
38,59 €

Bioderma Sensibio H2O 2x500ml

Cleansing micellar make-up remover respecting sensitive skin, 2x500ml
38,39 €

Vichy Deo roll-on anti-traces 48h DUO 2x50ml

Roll-on antiperspirant that leaves no traces on clothes, 48h, 2x50ml
38,59 €
Rod with very high sun protection SPF 50+ and water resistance. Transparent. Sweat resistant. Without…
10,29 €
It relaxes and warms stressed muscles. Ideal for regenerative, healing and relaxing massage, as well as for relaxation after…
12,19 €
A-Derma Hygiene of fragile skin of all family members, 2x100g
17,99 €
Gentle shampoo for everyday use, 200ml
20,69 €
Sun protection spray provides immediate protection and does not leave an oil layer. It is simply sprayed,…
21,59 €
Sunscreen for normal to dry skin with SPF 50+, 40ml
23,09 €
Tanning fluid for normal to combination skin with SPF 50+, 40ml
23,09 €
Cosmetic product. Designed for sensitive, dehydrated and sunburned skin. Face and body. Refreshing gel…
od16,62 €
Lip stick with a protection factor of 50+ and a hydrating effect. Suitable for sensitive lips. High water resistance. More on…
24,19 €
Cleansing and make-up removing micellar water for dehydrated and sensitive skin, 2x250ml
29,29 €
Micellar cleansing and make-up removing water for combination or oily skin, 2x250ml
29,29 €
Cleansing micellar make-up remover respecting sensitive skin, 2x250ml
29,29 €
Avene Sun Reflection SPF50 + Very high sun protection for sensitive skin with SPF 50+, 30ml
30,39 €
Care for serious skin imperfections, 40ml + cleansing foaming gel, 100ml
30,59 €
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