Sunscreen preparations for the body

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Pure olive oil designed to lubricate the skin after a bath or stay in the sun.
10,09 €

Avene SunsiMed 80ml

Prevention of actinic keratosis, skin tumors (except melanomas) and photoaging of the skin, 80ml
45,39 €

Bioderma Photoderm mist SPF30 150ml

Tanning mist for sensitive skin with SPF30, 150ml
36,79 €

Esthederm UVinCellium Bronzant skin spray for tanning 150ml

Skin care before sunbathing, 150ml
98,40 €

Vichy Ideal Soleil stick for protection of sensitive areas and lips SPF 50+ 9g

Stick for protection of sensitive parts and lips with SPF 50+, 9g
32,19 €

Bioderma Photoderm Sunscreen SPF 50+, 150ml

Maximum solar protection without spreading, 150ml
38,39 €
Pure olive oil designed to lubricate the skin after a bath or stay in the sun.
10,09 €
Face protection when sunbathing. Sun protection cream provides high and comfortable protection against sunburn.
11,69 €
Sunscreen for face, décolleté and hands is composed of substances that intensely moisturize, and is therefore suitable for dry and…
11,69 €
Ultra light texture with a dull effect without glare, ideal as a base for make-up and all-day skin protection with…
19,19 €
Sun protection spray provides immediate protection and does not leave an oil layer. It is simply sprayed,…
21,59 €
UV protective milk with eco-design with hyaluronic acid and thermal water of volcanic origin. 24H
od15,89 €
Very high sun protection for sensitive areas with SPF 50+, 8g
26,29 €
Ultra-warming milk gel for moist or dry skin SPF 50+, 200ml
27,69 €
Suntan lotion with SPF 25, 100ml
28,19 €
Maximum sun protection in the form of a stick, which stimulates the skin's own defense mechanisms, 8g
28,19 €
Avene Sun Reflection SPF50 + Very high sun protection for sensitive skin with SPF 50+, 30ml
30,39 €
Toning cream. High sun protection for hyper-intelligent skin (pregnancy mask), Combination of UVA / UVB filters.
32,39 €
Extra light gel-cream for sensitive skin prone to sun allergies and oily skin with SPF 30, 100ml
34,59 €
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