Skin care

Cleansing the skin is the very basis of skin care. Here you will find face cosmetics for mixed, dry, oily, normal, sensitive and mature skin. Healthy skin will glow and underline your natural beauty. We offer you effective skin products adapted to your needs.

Recommended products


Pure olive oil designed to lubricate the skin after a bath or stay in the sun.
12,39 €

CeraVe Moisturizing Cleansing Emulsion 473ml

CeraVe moisturizing cleansing emulsion for normal to dry skin, 473ml
28,69 €

Bepanthen Sensiderm cream 50g

Bepanthen® Sensiderm cream is used to relieve itching and redness caused by skin irritation in…
31,69 €


Linola FETT is a dermal cream for the treatment of skin diseases characterized by excessive drying and weakening of protective…
8,19 €

Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluron Booster 50ml

Vichy Mineral 89 strengthening and filling hyaluron booster for all skin types, 50ml
48,19 €

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Cleansing Gel 400ml

Foaming cleansing gel, 400ml
37,19 €
- cosmetic tampons with microfiber are designed for particularly thorough and gentle cleansing of the skin - suitable for everyday…
od1,83 €
Cosmetic moisturizing tampons cotton swabs intended for gentle cleansing of the skin containing Aloe vera with a neutral pH and…
3,09 €
Vitalos lip balm with vitamins and vanilla flavor: nourishes and hydrates the skin, has a healing effect on…
4,19 €
Vitalos honey lip balm: has a healing effect on cracked and dried lips, nourishes and hydrates the lips, contains…
4,19 €
Skin care. Skin cleansing water with hydrogen peroxide serves to clean the skin, to loosen and soften it...
od2,96 €
Vitalos - cherry lip balm with vitamins. Nourishes and hydrates the skin, has a healing effect on cracked…
4,39 €
Vitalos lip balm with vitamins, neutral: nourishes and hydrates the skin, has a healing effect on cracked…
4,39 €
Vitalos lip balm with vitamins: nourishes and hydrates the skin, has a healing effect on cracked and dried lips,…
4,39 €
Regenerating and skin emollient to protect the lips from adverse weather conditions.
4,49 €
Calcium pantothenicum VULM calcium ointment is intended to soothe, support regeneration, soften, lubricate and…
4,99 €
Soap helps to remove impurities and dead cells from the skin, removes grease from the skin, increases its elasticity.
5,99 €
Ointment to repair damaged skin and to lubricate.
6,09 €
KAWAR sulfur soap with minerals from the Dead Sea is intended for: thorough cleaning of acne skin with a tendency to form…
6,09 €
- toning water intended for dry, sensitive and normal skin - containing Aloe vera and Dead Sea minerals - helps…
6,39 €
Sulfaderm is a solid soap with sulfur content. Traditional product suitable for cleansing problematic and oily skin with…
6,39 €
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