Magnerot® 100 tbl

tbl (blister PVC / PVDC / Al) 1x100 pcs

in stock Magnerot® 100 tbl

The medicine contains the mineral element magnesium. The drug is used:

  • in muscular and cardiac disorders caused by magnesium deficiency, such as calf cramps, tetany (muscle twitching) or angina pectoris (chest pain caused by a temporary lack of blood supply to the heart),
  • in case of magnesium deficiency due to unilateral nutrition or use of various drugs (contraceptives and diuretics or laxatives),
  • in alcoholism,
  • in case of insufficient compensation of the increased need for magnesium (breastfeeding period or during stress).
  • during pregnancy (at risk of preterm birth, preeclampsia),
  • in some heart rhythm disorders caused mainly by overdose with digitalis glycosides,
  • in atherosclerosis.

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Product code: C67051
EAN: 4,030,674,013,965
Dosage form: Tablets, coated tablets
Manufacturer: Magnerot
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