Phyteneo Collodion forte

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Medical device Collodion forte is a solution containing medicinal substances used for the gentle removal of warts, chicken eyes, hardened and horny skin.

  • The product contains collodion (a solution of nitrated cellulose in an alcohol mixture), salicylic acid and lactic acid.
  • Salicylic acid softens the surface layer of the skin and has the ability to dissolve the intercellular mass, the so-called keratolytic effect (separation of the upper, fully keratinized skin layer).
  • This effect promotes the action of lactic acid, which also has a corrosive effect and reduces hyperkeratosis.
  • Swallow extract contains, in addition to the most effective chelidonine, a number of other alkaloids (chelidoxanthin, sanquinarin), which have antimicrobial and antifungal effects when used externally.
  • Another active substance is purified turpentine silica from pine resin (Terebinthinae etheroleum rectificatum), which contains the turpentine compounds pinene, camphene and limonene. These have an antiseptic effect, promote blood circulation to the tissue, increase the resorption of the catalog-modified fabric and contribute to the formation of the granulation fabric.
  • The preparation also includes an extract from non-woody parts of western thuja (Thuja Occidentalis), which contains a number of monoterpenes. These substances reduce sebum production (they have the so-called antiseborrheic effect), they also have a toning and smoothing effect.


  • painless therapy well tolerated by children
  • easy application, also suitable for home use
  • complex action, including subsequent skin regeneration
  • containing plant components (swallow, thuja, turpentine oil)
  • thanks to gentle active substances and repeated application, there is no irritation of the surrounding fabric.



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Product code: P84721
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Dosage form: Solution for external use
Manufacturer: Phyteneo
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