tbl flm 800 mg 1x40 pcs

The medicine contains bone components (osein) and a bone mineral (hydroxyapatite in small crystals) containing calcium and phosphorus in a physiologically balanced ratio. Protein and non-protein substances have been shown in ossein, which have a beneficial effect on the proper construction of bone tissue. 
The medicine is used on the advice of a doctor to treat 'bone thinning' - osteoporosis (a disease with excessive bone loss and breakdown) of various origins; for the treatment of bone thinning in old age, in postmenopausal women; in the secondary decalcification of bones due to external influences (such as the use of certain drugs - hormones, heparin), in some diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, thyroid and locomotor system with long-term restriction of movement. It can also be used to treat calcium and phosphorus imbalances that can occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as supportive care for fracture healing.

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Product code: C41325
EAN: 3573994000143
Dosage form: Tablets, coated tablets
Manufacturer: Osteogenon
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