Epigen intimate gel

1x250 ml

in stock Epigen intimate gel

Intimate gel is a natural and gentle gel, the composition of which has been compiled for daily hygiene and care of intimate women's areas, taking into account their physiological specifics.

  • Activated glycyrrhizinic acid performs complex hygiene, while lactic acid helps maintain the natural pH of the intimate parts, maintaining the natural microflora of the genital mucosa.
  • It contains only natural ingredients. It does not contain soap or dyes.
  • Suitable for use in discomfort, irritation and redness caused by e.g. depilation, using pads, synthetic or tight underwear.
  • Induces a feeling of purity and freshness throughout the day.
  • Recommended by gynecologists for daily intimate hygiene.
  • It is easy to rinse, does not form a greasy film or a feeling of grease, does not dry out and does not irritate.

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EAN: 8470000752568
Manufacturer: Epigen
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