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CURIOSIN® is a clear colorless, odorless gel intended for outdoor use, the main component is the zinc-hyaluronate complex.

  • The gel is intended for the treatment and protection of damaged or problematic skin and the support of the healing of acute and chronic wounds.
  • The main component of CURIOSIN®, hyaluronan, is the basic building block of the skin and connective tissue, while being responsible for their integrity and subsequent regeneration after injury. Zinc hyaluronate as a hyaluronan complex shows other benefits.
  • CURIOSIN® helps the damaged skin to heal primarily (no defect) or secondary (with granulation): it provides the necessary microenvironment, prevents microorganisms from the environment (air and contact origin) from penetrating the surface of the damaged skin and also helps to reduce the effects harmful effects, reduces wound pain and tissue inflammation. The product also contributes to the return of damaged skin to its natural state and appearance.

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