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eye solution 1x10 ml

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Medical device. Isotonic sterile eye solution contains hypromellose, lipoic acid and amino acids. Protects and lubricates the surface of the eye with an antioxidant effect, which is useful in specific oxidative stress conditions of metabolic (eg diabetic pathology) or chemical-physical nature.
Preservative-free, suitable for restoring tear secretion and physiological conditions of the tear coating.

  • hypromellose is a polymer with mucomimetic properties that has the property of restoring and stabilizing the tear coating on the surface of the eye and forming a transparent, protective and viscoelastic layer.
  • lipoic acid neutralizes free radicals in the tear coating by protecting it in oxidative stress situations.
  • the presence of amino acids helps lubricate the surface of the eye and improves the protection of epithelium that is exposed to various types of stress.

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