Non-contact infrared thermometer

non-contact thermometer

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in stock Non-contact infrared thermometer

Fast non-contact measurement of body temperature on the forehead at a distance of 5 cm
• It easily measures body temperature even in sleeping children without discomfort when measuring
• Non-contact measurement prevents the spread of bacteria and infections.
• Body temperature measurement mode and object surface temperature measurement mode
• Easy and practical to use
• Audible signal to end the measurement
• Option to turn off the audible alarm
• Color backlit display
body temperature measurement mode
- green up to 37,4 ° C,
- orange 37,5-38,5 ° C,
- red above 38,6 ° C
object surface temperature measurement mode
- green up to 39,9 ° C,
- red from 40,0 ° C
• Blue LED control light during measurement
• Automatic shut-off after 60 seconds
• Power supply: 2 AAA alkaline batteries - (not included)
• Low battery indicator when the voltage is below 2,60 V

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