VitaCalm Tutta Notte for peaceful sleep with melatonin

60 tablets

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in stock VitaCalm Tutta Notte for peaceful sleep with melatonin

VitaCalm® Tutta Notte is a dietary supplement based on herbal ingredients of the herbal tradition, useful for promoting relaxation and peaceful sleep.


VitaCalm® Tutta Notte is in rapid/delayed dual release tablets to promote sleep and night rest. The innovative fast/delayed two-layer technology enables the gradual absorption of plant components and increases their use in the body. Lavender, valerian and Eschscholzia contained in the first rapidly releasing layer promote falling asleep. The passion fruit contained in the second layer, which is released within 4 hours, promotes relaxation and peaceful sleep.

In bilayer tablets:

    1st layer for immediate relaxation: with valerian, eschscholzia and lavender, which promote sleep.

    2nd layer: with passion fruit, which promotes relaxation and peaceful sleep.

It is recommended to support night rest in case of light or interrupted sleep, night awakening and early morning awakening.

1-2 tablets in the evening before going to bed with a little water.

Gluten and lactose free. Suitable for vegans.

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Manufacturer: BiosLine
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