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nasal spray 1x20 ml

in stock Mar plus 3% 20 ml

Medical device.
For supportive treatment in the healing of irritated and/or painful nasal mucosa. It is used to moisturize, clean and care for the nasal mucosa and provides gentle care for the common cold or blocked nose. 

  • Suitable for small children from 2 years.
  • Moisturizes, cleans and treats the nasal mucosa:
    • with dry heated air,
    • in cold weather,
    • in air-conditioned rooms,
    • on airplanes – ideal for regular travelers,
  • Loosens scabs.
  • For supportive treatment of colds.
  • No preservatives.

The bottle contains 20 ml of solution, which corresponds to about 140 sprays. Each squirt of the spray corresponds to approx. 0,14 ml of solution.

Each ml of isotonic solution contains 150 mg of sea water, potassium dihydrogen phosphate (for pH adjustment) and highly purified water, as well as 30 mg of dexpanthenol.

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