Gerber Organic Bag Mango, quince, coconut

organic fruit snack (from the end of the 6th month) 1x80 g

in stock Gerber Organic Bag Mango, quince, coconut
GERBER Organic mango and quince fruit pouch with coconut milk is a unique snack full of the highest quality fruit. The sachet contains puree of ripe pieces of mango and quince, which gives it a naturally sweet taste. In combination with soft coconut milk, the fruit snack will caress the tongue of a small eater. Thanks to 100% plant-based ingredients, this delicious snack can also be enjoyed by lactose-sensitive eaters. The pocket is intended for children from 6 months. - Based on plant ingredients, fruit and coconut milk, without the addition of animal milk - 100% plant ingredients - Unique flavor of exotic mango with quince - Gentle taste of coconut milk - No added sugar - Practical resealable packaging - Practical snack for small hands - Fruit from BIO certified farmers who respect the natural order of nature - Contains natural sugars With GERBER Organic Plant-tastic sachets, you always have a tasty snack at hand, which combines the natural taste of fruit with soft coconut milk. You can find fruit pouches in unique exotic flavors - mango & peach and mango & quince. In addition, we did not add sugar during production, the naturally sweet taste is provided by ripe fruit. The packaging is designed to be recyclable and is thus more environmentally friendly. GERBER Organic, just like mom, makes sure that each bag contains only the best fruit full of real taste. To ensure first-class quality for your little ones, we work with farmers from certified organic farms, where the natural way of growing and ripening all crops is taken into account. Ingredients: Drinking water, mango puree 25%, quince puree 20%, coconut milk 15% (drinking water, coconut extract 7%), whole grain OAT flour, WHEAT flakes, acidity regulator: citric acid. from organic farming. ALLERGENS ARE HIGHLIGHTED IN CAPITAL LETTERS Warning: Do not leave the cap near the child! Do not use if the bag is mechanically damaged! Do not heat in the microwave. Use: Children under 12 months: Remove the cap, squeeze the contents onto a spoon and feed the child while sitting. Keep the child under constant supervision. Children older than 12 months: Can eat alone as long as they are seated and under constant supervision. Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature. After opening, store in the refrigerator for max. 24 hours. Nutritional data: Energy / Energy 290 kJ / 69 kcal Fats 2,8 g - of which saturated / saturated fatty acids 2,2 g Carbohydrates 9 g - of which sugars 5,5 g Fiber 2 g Proteins / Proteins 1 g Salt / Salt 0,01 g Distributor: Nestlé Slovensko sro Košovská cesta 11 971 27 Prievidza Slovak Republic Tel.: 0800 135 135 Manufacturer: Poland - Rzeszow
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