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Dear customers, in accordance with the valid legislative norms of the Slovak Republic, especially in accordance with the Act on Consumer Protection in Mail Order (Act No. 108/2000 Coll.) And also for the purpose of establishing clear and comprehensible rules for trouble-free shopping on www.schneider-lekaren.sk the following business and delivery conditions are set:

1. General provision

Online store operator www.schneider-lekaren.sk is a company:

Pharmacy, Ltd. Ltd
Oravská 2
080 01 Presov

Amuletum Pharmacy
Sabinovská 15, 080 01 Prešov

IČO: 31710018 DIČ: 2020547100 IČ DPH: SK 2020547100
Tel. contact: 0948 088 956
Email:[email protected]

Healthcare provider code: N57298160301
Authorization number for the provision of pharmaceutical care: 3689/2015 / OZ-HAR Prešov dated 16.6.2015
Authorization holder: 
Ing. Karol Schneider, Oravská 2, Prešov
PaeDr. Metodeja Schneiderová, Oravská 2, Prešov

The company Pharmacy, spol. s ro is a legal entity registered in the Commercial Register of the Prešov District Court, section: Sro, file number 2401 / P (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller"). The customer (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer") is a natural or legal person who has ordered the goods on the website  www.schneider-lekaren.sk.

Purchase of goods through www.schneider-lekaren.sk- Internet commerce can be carried out by natural and legal persons without restriction, provided that they comply with these Terms and Conditions.

The business and delivery conditions stipulate the rights and obligations of the Seller and the Buyer. By ordering the goods, the Buyer accepts the Business and Delivery Conditions declared by the Seller. Business and delivery conditions are binding for both parties, unless otherwise agreed.

1.1 Description of the offered goods

The seller offers on the website www.schneider-lekaren.sk over-the-counter medicines, nutritional supplements, medical devices and dermocosmetics.


2. The method of ordering goods and concluding a purchase contract

Purchase contract means a contract between the Seller and the Buyer, the subject of which is the purchase of goods offered by the Seller on the Seller's website  www.schneider-lekaren.sk hereinafter referred to as "goods") concluded in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions.

The seller reserves the right to change the prices of goods in the offer.

The seller guarantees the delivery of the goods at the price stated on the website www.schneider-lekaren.sk at the time of ordering the goods.

The Buyer orders the goods via a completed electronic order form listed on the Seller's website (hereinafter "order") in the manner specified in the following provisions of this article of the Terms and Conditions.

2.1 Order

The buyer can shop online www.schneider-lekaren.sk order any goods that have a BUY button.

The buyer adds the goods to the shopping cart by pressing the BUY button, thus the goods are automatically added to the shopping cart, which is available at any time for preview. Or click on the image of the goods, enter the QUANTITY of the goods in the box and add the goods to the shopping cart using the ADD TO BASKET button.

The buyer creates an order by clicking on the SHOPPING CART.

The buyer fills in the delivery address according to the individual instructions, or the invoicing address, if it is different from the delivery and other required data for the correct delivery of the goods - e-mail, telephone.

He also chooses the method of delivery, the method of payment.

The buyer confirms that he AGREES TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF DELIVERY and sends the order with the CONFIRM ORDER button. With this step, the goods are ordered. The order is considered sent if it is delivered to the Seller and contains all the required data.

With the sent order, the Buyer undertakes to take over the ordered goods and pay the agreed amount for them. The Buyer acknowledges that sending the order to the Seller qualifies as a proposal to conclude a purchase contract in accordance with § 409 et seq. Of the Commercial Code, while these Business Terms and Conditions are also a binding part of the purchase contract.

The Seller will confirm the sent order of the Buyer by e-mail within 24 hours at the latest. When confirming the order, the Seller verifies the content of the Buyer's order, mainly: the exact specification of the goods and their number, the price for the goods and transport, the method and date of delivery.

The purchase contract is concluded from the moment the order is sent by the Buyer to the Seller. A binding confirmation of the order creates a consumer purchase contract, on the basis of which the sale of goods is carried out. The order (or part thereof) confirmed by the seller is considered binding for both parties. The Seller undertakes to deliver the correctly ordered goods to the Buyer, at the price agreed in the order and on the agreed date.

Orders are processed continuously on working days from 8:00 to 16:00.

If the goods are in stock, they are shipped the next working day. In the event that the ordered goods are not in stock, the Buyer will be informed either by e-mail or by telephone and the Seller will agree on the next procedure. In the event that any goods ordered from the Buyer's order are missing from the Seller's warehouse, the Seller may change the order and dispatch part of it, ie goods that are currently in stock, about which the Buyer will also be informed, most often by phone, or both parties agree on another procedure.

3. Order cancellation

3.1. Cancellation of the order by the Buyer

The Buyer has the right to cancel the order without giving a reason at any time before the e-mail confirmation of sending the order by the Seller (notification e-mail "Status of your order: Sent"), in the form: by phone on tel. number: 0948 088 956 or by e-mail to the address:  [email protected]

3.2. Cancellation of the order by the Seller

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part thereof in the following cases:

a) the order could not be accepted (incorrectly stated telephone number, the buyer is unavailable, does not respond to e-mails, etc.)

(b) the goods are no longer manufactured or delivered, or the price of the supplier of the goods has changed significantly. In the event that this situation occurs, the Seller will immediately contact the Buyer to agree on further action. If the Buyer has paid the amount of the purchase price, this amount will be transferred back to his account.

If the Buyer does not take over the already sent goods, these goods will be subsequently returned to the Seller. The buyer will be charged a CANCELLATION fee of twice the postage for the costs associated with the delivery of goods. The Buyer is obliged to pay this fee no later than 3 working days from the sending of the reminder to the Seller's account - VUB: 67206572/0200.

4. Return of goods - Withdrawal from the purchase contract

Pursuant to § 12 of the Consumer Protection Act for mail order sales (Act No. 108/2000 Coll.), The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 7 working days of receiving the goods. If the Buyer decides to withdraw within this period, it is important to return the undamaged goods within the specified period, subject to the following conditions:

a) Withdrawal from the contract must be made in writing to the e-mail address of the Seller [email protected], must contain all data used to identify the Buyer's goods and must be delivered together with the goods to the Seller's registered office at the Buyer's expense within the above-mentioned period. In the written withdrawal, the Buyer shall state his account number for the refund.

Text: "I want to unilaterally withdraw from the contract dated DD.MM.YYYY, order number XXXXX and I demand a refund of the amount paid for the ordered goods to account number XXXXX." Date and signature.

b) If the Buyer has already received and accepted the goods, he will send them back to the address: Pharmacy, spol. s ro, Sabinovska 15, 080 01 Presov.

The buyer sends the purchased goods back at his own expense and must meet the following conditions:

  • the goods must be in the original undamaged packaging,
  • the goods must not show signs of use,
  • the goods must be undamaged,
  • the goods must be complete (including accessories - ordered goods, invoice),
  • The buyer will send the goods together with the proof of purchase and written notice of withdrawal from the contract,
  • The Seller recommends that the Buyer send the goods by registered mail and insured, as the Seller is not liable for its possible loss or damage on the way to the Seller,
  • goods that the Buyer returns do not send cash on delivery, because the acceptance of such a shipment will be refused,
  • Upon fulfillment of all the above conditions for the return of goods, the Seller shall return the money for the goods to the Buyer without delivery costs by transfer to the Buyer's account, no later than 7 working days after withdrawal from the contract and physical delivery of the goods.
  • The goods must be sent sufficiently secured against damage (preferably in the same packaging as it was delivered), by registered mail and insured, as the Seller is not liable for its possible loss / damage on the way to us.
  • In the event of non-compliance with any of the above conditions, the Seller will unfortunately not be able to accept withdrawal from the consumer purchase contract and the goods will be returned at the expense of the Buyer.


5. Delivery method and payment terms

The Buyer is obliged to pay the purchase price valid at the time of sending the order to the Seller for the goods whose order has been confirmed by the Seller. The purchase price for the goods is the price listed on the Seller's website www.schneider-lekaren.sk at the time of sending the Buyer's order to the Seller.

The following is added to the purchase price of the goods:

a) Transport according to the selected mode of transport and place of delivery. The price for transport is paid by the Buyer according to the chosen method of transport specified in the order, which is:

  • GLS courier
  • Slovenská pošta
  • Personal Subscription


The seller is not responsible for delayed delivery of the ordered goods caused by the GLS courier.

Before delivery of the goods, the courier usually calls the Buyer to find him at the specified address and if he is not there, he can agree with him on another time and place of delivery.

b) payment - The price for the payment is paid by the Buyer in the following way:

By transfer or deposit to the Seller's account using the 24Pay online payment method, if the Buyer is a client of any bank holding a VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Diners Club International, American Express payment card.

Cash on delivery

The invoice for the purchase price of the goods, including the price for transport and payment issued by the Seller, which will be sent to the Buyer together with the goods, also serves as a tax document and delivery note. In the event that the Buyer makes payment for the goods (purchase price including the price of transport and payment) in advance and the Seller is unable to ensure delivery of the goods, the Seller shall immediately return the paid purchase price to the Buyer in a manner agreed between the parties.

Delivery of the subject of performance to the specified place is considered to be the fulfillment of the delivery.

We process orders within 1 - 14 days. We send the goods we have in stock as soon as possible. We will order goods that are not in stock for you.

If the Buyer receives a notification e-mail with the text "Status of your order: Sent", you can expect the shipment in 1-3 working days.

It may happen that the notification e-mail about the confirmation or notification of the order status does not reach the Buyer due to the setting of the spam filter at his e-mail provider. In this case, the Seller recommends to check the status by phone at 0948 088 956, or by e-mail at [email protected].

If the Buyer has chosen to pay by transfer from the account, click on the account number in the field "PAYMENT BY TRANSFER TO ACCOUNT":

Account number: VUB: 67206572/0200

Constant symbol: 0008

Variable symbol: order number

Sum: total amount


IBAN: SK28 0200 0000 0000 6720 6572


6. Warranty period

All goods sold by the Seller have the minimum shelf life, batch, date of manufacture or other indication of consumption marked on the packaging.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects of the goods or other defects that were not caused by the Buyer by unprofessional or careless handling, use of the goods contrary to its purpose or instructions, mechanical damage or wear.


7. Complaints procedure

· The subject of the complaint is a violation of the integrity of the shipment. When taking over the shipment, the buyer is obliged to check whether the package is not visibly damaged (the package is sent by the Seller in a carton, usually glued with adhesive tape). In case of finding serious damage when taking over the shipment (hole in the package, broken, otherwise damaged shipment), when the contents of the shipment are obviously damaged, the Buyer will notify the carrier, check the shipment, rather with the carrier complaint protocol and shipment from the courier. The seller is not responsible for damages caused by the courier. If the damage to the shipment becomes apparent only after the package is opened at home, it is necessary to start a complaint procedure with the carrier on the day of taking over the shipment or the following working day. The Buyer informs the Seller by e-mail about the complaint procedure at [email protected].

If any other problem occurs e.g. with the quantity of goods, the buyer did not order the goods, with the quality of the goods (with expiration date), with another batch, without written information for the user in Slovak, with incorrect price) and the error was caused by the Seller, the Buyer immediately contacts the Seller by phone, within 2 days . If the Buyer finds that the goods were delivered in poor quality (eg damaged, incomplete, missing), he is entitled to exchange the goods or supplement the goods. We will refund your money or deliver new goods immediately. Shipping costs for returning the shipment and new goods are covered by our delivery service. The complaint must be in writing and must contain:

a) order number,
b) marking and description of damage, defect of the consignment.

The reason for the complaint is not the insufficient or undesirable effect of the preparation. The manufacturer is responsible for this.

Within 30 days, the Seller will inform the Buyer about the method of resolving the complaint.


8. Protection of personal data

The seller guarantees full protection of personal data against misuse. Some of them have the nature of personal data in the sense of Act no. 428/2002 Coll. On the protection of personal data, as amended. The provision of personal data is voluntary on the part of the Buyer. By providing personal data, the Buyer consents to the use, processing and storage of this data in the seller's database. The buyer has the right to revoke this consent at any time. The seller obtains data that is used exclusively for technical support of the purchase on www.schneider-lekaren.sk ie for the delivery of the ordered goods, the provision of business and marketing information to the buyer, the preparation of a tax document, etc.

The information you provide to the Seller via the order form is used solely for the purpose of providing a specific service and will not be further provided to third parties or otherwise used commercially. An exception is the provision of data to entities whose cooperation is necessary for the proper processing of your order (GLS courier - providing an address for delivery of the ordered goods). However, these data are always provided once, exclusively for the purpose of executing the Buyer's order. The data provided by the Buyer are considered confidential. This information is stored and used in accordance with applicable laws of the Slovak Republic.

The Contracting Parties have agreed that the Buyer, if he is a natural person, is obliged to notify the Seller of his name and surname, address of permanent residence, including postal code, telephone number and e-mail address.

The Contracting Parties have agreed that the Buyer, if he is a legal entity or sole trader, is obliged to notify the Seller of his business name, registered office address, including postal code, ID number, VAT number, telephone number and e-mail address.

The Buyer declares that he agrees in accordance with Art. § 7 par. 1 of Act no. 428/2002 Coll. On the protection of personal data, as amended, that the Seller process and store his personal data, especially those listed above and / or that are necessary for the activities of the Seller and process them in all its information systems. The Buyer grants the Seller this consent for an indefinite period.

Eshop www.schneider-lekaren.sk reserves the right to withdraw from the security guarantee in the event of an attack on a server by an unknown perpetrator (hacker). Only in this case do the above-mentioned rules of data manipulation do not apply.

We determine your satisfaction with your purchase via e-mail questionnaires within the Customer Verified program, in which our e-shop is involved. We send them to you every time you buy from us, unless in accordance with § § 62 of Act no. no. 351/2011 Coll. on electronic communications, as amended, you will not refuse to send electronic mail for the purposes of direct marketing. We process personal data for the purpose of sending questionnaires within the Customer Verified program on the basis of our legitimate interest, which consists in ascertaining your satisfaction with your purchase with us. To send questionnaires, evaluate your feedback and analyze our market position, we use a processing intermediary, which is the operator of the Heureka.sk portal. For this purpose, we can pass on information about the purchased goods and your e-mail address. Your personal data is not passed on to any third party for its own purposes when sending e-mail questionnaires. You can object to the sending of e-mail questionnaires within the Customer Verified program at any time by rejecting other questionnaires using the link in the e-mail with the questionnaire. In case of your objection, we will not send you the questionnaire further. "

9. Final provisions

The Seller and the Buyer have agreed that any communication between them by e-mail or the Internet becomes valid and binding in full. Each Buyer is obliged to read these Terms and Conditions before the purchase and fully agrees with all its provisions. All legal relations arising between the Seller and the Buyer are governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic.

Dear customers, thank you for your interest in the products we supply and we look forward to good cooperation. In case of any discrepancies or questions, please contact us at the e-mail address [email protected] or in the Contact Form.

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