Digestion and metabolism

The most effective drugs for digestive problemswhich you can use in the case of diarrhea or exaggeration, in the case of nausea a convulsions, when burning soon, flatulence or pri constipation. You will also find medicines here for the health of your liver and gallbladder and medicines, teas and nutritional supplements for diabetics.

Recommended products

Zincorot® 25mg, 50 tablets

It is used as an alternative source of zinc supplementation in the treatment of zinc deficiency in cases where a normal diet does not…
19,19 €


It is used to treat increased fragility and permeability of blood capillaries of various origins, especially in the absence of…
9,99 €


Nutridrink with chocolate flavor Dietary food for special medical purposes. Nutridrink is high energy,…
10,99 €

Pangrol 20

The medicine contains enzymes - substances that help digest food. Used for: digestive problems due to a disorder…
16,99 €


Bisacodyl is a stimulant laxative. Stimulates intestinal peristalsis and increases the amount of water and electrolytes excreted…
12,69 €

Creon 10

The medicine contains a mixture of enzymes called 'pancreatin'. Pancreatin helps digest food. Enzymes are obtained from…
11,19 €
Senna leaf tea for short-term treatment of functional constipation (for up to one week), acute emptying…
3,19 €
Fennel plain fennel helps to support digestion and excretion. Facilitates coughing.
3,59 €
Indications: Suppositories are used by adults and children over 10 years of age to treat constipation of various origins, e.g. when changing…
3,59 €
One-component herbal tea in infusion bags.
3,69 €
Herbal tea in infusion bags. Ingredients: seedless bean fruit, vertebrate bean fruit, pupa bean fruit, blueberry…
3,69 €
Herbal tea in infusion bags. Ingredients: cinnamon bark (30%), seedless bean fruit, blueberry,…
3,89 €
Herbal tea. Ingredients: peppermint, dandelion root, fennel fruit, artichoke leaf, Marian silyba fruit,…
3,99 €
Nutritional supplement Marian Pestle - Crushed fruit, loose Ingredients: Silybum marianum  
4,19 €
One-component herb sprinkled with Sylibum mariánske (variegated, thistle) (lat. Silybum marianum).
4,19 €
Stomachic, digestive, carminative, mild antispasmodic, antiphlogistic and choleretic. Tea is suitable as…
4,49 €
Portioned one-component herbal drug Sylibum mariánske in infusion bags of 3 g.
4,69 €
The powder form contains pure sodium bicarbonate.
4,69 €
FORTINI FOR CHILDREN Multi Fiber with a neutral flavor Dietary food for special medical purposes Nutritional…
4,69 €
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