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Herbal mixture in infusion bags. Ingredients: hibiscus flower, hay leaf, honeysuckle
4,49 €

LEROS Pulmoran 20x1,5g

Adjuvant in acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It has an antiseptic and expectorant effect. Mist
4,79 €


Herbal tea, portioned in infusion bags for breastfeeding mothers.
4,69 €


One - component herbal tea in infusion sachets - small - flowered willowherb (v. Epilobium parviflorum).
4,69 €

LEROS Alvisan NEO 20x1,5g

In presclerotic conditions and as an adjunctive treatment of milder forms of hypertensive disease. Lowers blood pressure and acts…
4,79 €

LEROS Leaf Senna 20x1,5g

Short-term treatment of functional constipation (maximum 1 week), acute bowel emptying before diagnostic, endoscopic or…
3,89 €
Fruit tea with a pleasant taste and aroma, which is suitable for everyday consumption. Portioned. Flavored. Composition: flower…
2,39 €
Dietary supplement. Herb Goldfinch - Solidago virgaurea portioned - in mash bags. More on…
2,79 €
Herbal tea sprinkled with Juvamed KASTIČKA PASTIERSKA - VŇAŤ. A shepherd's pocket helps to keep well-being before and during…
2,89 €
Herbal loose tea. Composition: alchemical
3,39 €
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