Urinary tract, genitals

Medicines na urinary tracts a genitals. Wide range of products in the case incontinence, menopause, menstruation; drugs on potency, prostate, vaginitis, kidneys a urinary tracts; contraception. This category also includes medicines for cramps and pain, medicines and nutritional supplements if you feel uncomfortable for urinary tract problems, herbal teas etc.

Recommended products

NO-SPA 40 mg

It is used for: smooth muscle cramps in connection with diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts, inflammation of the gallbladder and…
22,09 €

PHARMATEX vaginal capsules

PHARMATEX vaginal capsules are intended for local contraception. Their use is recommended for all sexes…
25,29 €


Jenamazole 2% vaginal cream is used in the following indications: - vaginal mycosis (fungal disease of the vagina) and…
9,49 €

PROSTAKAN FORTE (cps 160 mg/120 mg, 1x120 pcs)

The use. Benigna prostate hyperplasia stage I - II. In middle-aged and elderly men with functional problems…
42,69 €

Canesten crm der 1x20 g

Clotrimazole is an antifungal medicine that acts against many pathogenic fungal micro-organisms, including…
15,59 €

Ibalgin® 400 mg 48 tablets

Ibalgin contains ibuprofen, which belongs to the group 'non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs'. Ibalgin alleviates…
12,39 €
Herbal tea sprinkled with Juvamed KASTIČKA PASTIERSKA - VŇAŤ. A shepherd's pocket helps to keep well-being before and during…
3,69 €
Herbal loose tea. Composition: alchemical
3,89 €
Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) - traditionally used to facilitate digestion - supports the excretory function of the kidneys…
3,99 €
Herbal tea Vrbovkova vňať in mash bags contributes: to the functioning of the urinary tract, to physical well-being,…
4,19 €
Herbal tea in infusion bags. Ingredients: meadow clover flower, honeysuckle.
4,39 €
Herbal mixture in infusion bags. Ingredients: dioecious nettle, birch leaf, honeysuckle, motherwort…
4,79 €
Herbal mixture in infusion bags. Ingredients: willowherb (50%), beech leaf, goldenrod (15%), marigold…
4,79 €
Herbal mixture, portioned in infusion bags. Ingredients: ash slender leaf 30% (Fraxinus), heather 25%…
4,79 €
The disinfecting effect of bearberry (Uvae ursi folium) is suitably supplemented in tea with other ingredients that increase…
5,29 €
Tea for women to alleviate climacteric problems. Used for mild neurovegetative climacteric disorders…
5,29 €
One - component herbal tea in infusion sachets - small - flowered willowherb (v. Epilobium parviflorum).
5,49 €
The disinfecting effect of bearberry (Uvae ursi folium) is suitably supplemented in tea with other ingredients that increase…
6,79 €
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