Tasectan KIDS DUO 250 mg

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in stock Tasectan KIDS DUO 250 mg

The medical device is used to restore the physiological function of the intestinal wall to prevent dysbacteriosis of the intestinal tract of various natures and origins, as well as to alleviate its symptoms. It was developed for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the digestive system, in particular the accompanying symptoms of diarrhea, such as bloating and tension in the abdominal cavity, as a result of infectious gastroenteritis, antibiotic treatment and chemotherapy. The effect occurs within the first 12 hours. A medical device in the intestines helps to restore optimal conditions that support the growth of endogenous intestinal flora, thus improving the body's natural defenses.

Ingredients: 250 mg tannate gelatin (animal origin from pigs), tyndalized lactic acid bacteria.

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