Lioton® gel 100g

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in stock Lioton® gel 100g

The gel contains the drug heparin in the form of the sodium salt. It belongs to a group of drugs for venous diseases and is also suitable for the treatment of inflammatory or traumatic conditions. The gel is applied to the skin, penetrates through the skin and acts against swelling, inflammation, exudation and reduces blood clotting. Used to treat:

  • superficial vascular diseases such as varicose veins syndromes (varicose syndromes) and associated complications, inflammation of deep veins (phlebothrombosis), superficial inflammation of the veins (thrombophlebitis), inflammation of the vein wall or surrounding veins (superficial periflebitis), foreleg ulcers,
  • postoperative inflammation of varicose veins (postoperative varicophlebitis), complications after surgical removal of superficial subcutaneous veins in the lower extremities (safenectomy),
  • injuries and bruises (haematomas), local swellings and infiltrates (tissues with accumulated fluid), subcutaneous blood bruises,
  • musculoskeletal and sheath-ligament injuries.

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Product code: C45268
EAN: 4013054017807
Dosage form: Gel
Manufacturer: Lioton Gel
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