Rosalgin easy 5 x 140 ml

sol vag 140 ml 1x5 fl. with app. (5x140 ml)

in stock Rosalgin easy 5 x 140 ml

The medicine is in the form of a vaginal solution, which is intended for vaginal lavage in the case of inflammation of the female genital organs and for normal female hygiene. It contains the drug benzydamine, which, when applied topically, has a significant effect against pain, inflammation and swelling of physical, chemical or microbial origin. 

It is used to treat inflammation of the vaginal entrance, cervix and external female genitals, including those that occur after treatment with cytostatics and radiation. Cures bacterial and yeast vaginitis. It is used as preoperative and postoperative prevention in gynecological surgery.

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Product code: C27472
EAN: 8000036011904
Dosage form: Rinse
Manufacturer: Rosalgin
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