Eye care

Eye drops, solutions, drugs, gel a masks pri eye problems - e.g. itching and burning, inflammation of the cornea. Some of them are suitable for moistening dry eyes well prevention a treatment of the symptoms and signs of allergic inflammation. In addition to eye drops in this category, you will also find nutritional supplements containing elements and vitamins important for the health of your eyes.

Recommended products


VITA-POS sterile ophthalmic ointment with vitamin A is intended for improving the tear film. Suitable for difficulties…
12,39 €


Use: - Treatment of non-inflammatory diseases of the cornea (keratopathy), such as corneal dystrophy (eating disorder…
11,69 €


Isotonic, buffered solution with the addition of chicory extract. Extracts of the gizzard have shrinking and…
8,49 €

Systane Ultra 10 ml moisturizing eye drops

drops are designed to moisturize the dry eye help reduce the symptoms of dry eye (burning, itching)
17,49 €

OCUhyl C

OCUhyl C are sterile eye drops with a moisturizing, soothing and lubricating effect, designed especially for sensitive eyes.
13,69 €


- suitable for moisturizing the eyes with a strong or chronic dry eye - after eye surgery
25,89 €
- ear drops increase the efficiency of ear cleaning - limit the deposition of excess earwax in the ear canal - can…
3,79 €
Ocular solution instillation - a product for moisturizing and refreshing the eyes and for moistening hard contact lenses.
5,29 €
The medicine contains tetryzolinium chloride, which relieves swelling, congestion, burning, irritation, itching and…
5,29 €
SensiVit is a product with a calming and moisturizing effect. The solution stabilizes all 3 layers of tear film on the surface…
6,69 €
Nutritional supplement with fish oil content (1000 mg in 1 capsule; EPA content 18% and DHA 12%, active omega-3…
6,89 €
OCUflash blue is an eye solution instillation without preservatives and with the addition of eyelash extract. Extract…
7,19 €
The eye gel contains a carbomer. The eye gel forms a protective moisturizing film with a high… on the surface of the cornea and on the conjunctiva
7,19 €
Altermed eye gel soothing eye gel for eye fatigue and heavy eyelids suitable for swelling of the eyes, after exercise
7,59 €
Herbal emulsion for fatigue and eye strain with extract of fennel, fennel, marigold and panthenol: a care supplement for…
od5,40 €
The solution can be used as an adjunct to topical pain treatment as a symptom of an ear disease:…
7,59 €
Ocular solution instillation containing hypromellose and dexpanthenol. It has a protective, epithelializing and moisturizing effect.
od6,19 €
The eye gel contains a carbomer. It is used to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. An important feature of eye gel…
7,99 €
Isotonic, buffered solution with the addition of chicory extract. Extracts of the gizzard have shrinking and…
8,49 €
Ear plugs are intended for cleaning the ear canal, equalizing the pressure in the ears and head, for migraines, itching or humming in…
9,19 €
Ocular solution instillation is intended as a replacement for tears. It is used to improve the moisturization of the eye, in difficulties such as…
9,99 €
This medicine has an antiseptic effect (against pathogenic microorganisms); is intended for instillation into the eye during treatment…
11,19 €
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