tbl flm 1200 mg (blis.Al/PVC) 1x60 pcs

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The medicine affects the function of brain cells (it is a nootropic substance), both in healthy people and in patients who have functional disorders of the brain. It does not normally cause sedation (attenuation).

adult patients is used to:

  • symptomatic treatment of organic psychosyndrome - a disorder of brain activity such as memory loss, attention deficit and lack of motivation.
  •  treatment of cortical myoclonus alone (involuntary twitching of individual muscles) or in combination.
  •  treatment of vertigo (dizziness) and associated imbalance, except dizziness of vasomotor or psychological origin.
  •  prevention and treatment of sickle cell disease (anemia) - red blood cell disease.

In children, it is used to:

  •  treatment of dyslexia (a disorder in which a child has reading and writing problems that are not an expression of an impairment of intelligence), in combination with appropriate measures such as speech therapy.
  • prevention and treatment of sickle cell disease (anemia) - red blood cell disease.

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